Understanding the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe Slot Machine Game

Slot machines are one of the popular types of games played at casino houses. Thanks to the internet, as we can now play it online also. Similar to the roulette and a deck of cards, slot machines too, make use of random number generators. Initially, there were mechanical generators used, but now, the latest slot machines take help of computers to generate random numbers. Besides, some slots come with three reels, while some have five reels. Overall, slot machine games are easy and fun to play. Beginners can always try their hands on online slot machines rather than at casino houses. One of the popular games that you can try playing online is Dolphins Pearl Deluxe.

Developed by Novomatic, Dolphins Pearl Deluxe is a classic slot machine game that has a lot of popularity in European casino houses. It comes with a classic free spin feature, the key reason for why most gamers love this game. This feature gives 15 free spins and takes in several scatter symbols to the reels to make it easy for a player to re-trigger during the game play. The Dolphins Pearl Deluxe game comes with 5 reels that include wild symbols and increase any win that is substituted with a x2 multiplier.

The key aspect about this game is its free spin feature, which players find it hard to trigger. However, this feature is quite easy to re-trigger. During the free spins, it includes additional scatter symbols on the reels so that, players can spin it for a bit longer. At the end of the game play, gamers can gamble the winnings in a black or a red card game. There is no house edge on this bet and hence, this game gives a real 50/50 chance.

In addition, a player can trigger the free spin with three or more shells on the reels. This gives an opportunity for the gamer to win 15 free spins, while the winnings are multiplied by x3. The scatter symbols with 5 of a kind combination pays 500x the stake, while the pay goes up to 1.500x at the time of free spins.

All in all, it is an interesting game that gives the best gaming experience. Players can visit popular casino gaming portals to play Dolphins Pearl Deluxe online. With high resolution 3D graphics, and stunning music, this game is sure to thrill and impress the beginners and old players alike.

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